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Finally, a luxury botanical product line for you and your family. All-natural care for your entire home! Harness potent ancient and modern medicinal plant knowledge to enhance your happiness, productivity, and healing powers! Handcrafted for superior quality, and custom-made with magic. Please tell us your story, ask any questions, and visit our news.

Why we do what we do

So many more people every year suffer ailments directly linked to the poisons of modern living. We know how important it is to eat better and avoid toxic chemicals, yet we continue to consume them through our skin via commercial body care products. We needed a line of personal care products not only without the too-common harmful ingredients, but also including natural powerful plant remedies to help heal the damage caused by years of exposure. We know we make magic with our gentle but effective creations, and we feel we have to share this with our growing family seeking a healthier more natural lifestyle. 

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