All-Botanical Home, Health, and Beauty

All-natural home and health and beauty is possible! Harness the power of the plant in your daily life and take control of your own wellness. Nature has provided us with all the help we need to feel good, live well, be happy, and look fabulous too! Ancient humans knew to tap into this vast resource, and many of our recipes include timeless wisdom from around the world. Combined with modern resources and science, this knowledge can work for you. Take advantage of our experience and benefit from all-plant solutions for modern needs and age-old concerns alike. You don't have to settle for harsh chemicals and mass produced products with harmful ingredients. You can pamper yourself and care for your family with safe natural plant remedies. Enjoy humanity's very first resource to enrich your life and improve your wellbeing.

We believe in small batch handcrafted solutions to life's common problems. We produce all-botanical remedies intended to make you feel good while taking care of yourself and your loved ones. Confronted with lackluster and harmful options at the drugstore and pharmacy, we knew we could do better. And we did. Reach into our apothecary pantry and find your perfect plant concoction.

We started out making customized potions for ourselves and family and friends, and knew we could help others too. Our products all come from being asked, "do you make something that will fix this?" From everyday issues like ailing sensitive skin to immediate problems like cuts and scrapes, everything available here began as a custom remedy for someone we love. This is why we only use the highest quality ingredients and take so much care to perfect our blends. We even sustainably harvest from our own first love, our beautiful all-natural garden.

If you desire a custom creation too, please feel free to contact us! We love to hear from our family, and look forward to your suggestions. Tell us your story about switching to natural products, or simply say hello!

Meet Our Head Witch

Cat Rambo hand crafts your custom creations and our line of potions and brews, often with materials from her own beloved private garden! Her passion for helping others through herbal magic began when she developed an insulin disorder, and realised clean eating and exercise alone were not enough to maintain good health. After many moons of expensive drug therapies and battles with doctors and insurance companies, she realised she had to find a way to help herself. A blended herbal tea not only made her feel great, but labwork confirmed it was actually helping her chemistry! She became obsessed with sharing the bliss and freedom of a drug-free healthy herbal life. Send her a message, she loves to hear others' stories of the search for garden wellness!

Email Cat: Rambo@BatCrazy.Shop