We love our plant friends, and we love the friends who help our plants. Pollinators are essential for all of us, leafy and legged alike. Without them, we have no plants in the first place, and we won't live long like this. As a result of the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers for commercial cultivation, as well as loss of habitat and competition from introduction of non-native species, our so important pollinators are struggling. Tampering with the environment and destruction of delicate ecosystems have brought us to a point of crisis. Thankfully, we can help. We grow flowering plants which support butterflies and bees, never use poisons, and install houses for bats.

We are so passionate about protecting and providing for our vital pollinators we chose the under-appreciated bat to represent our brand. To help spread awareness about these unsung heroes, we donate a portion of all sales to Bat Conservation International, a non-profit organization focused on international bat awareness education and protection. This organization has helped us learn so much about these fascinating but elusive creatures. BCI even owns and maintains the site of the largest mammal colony in the world, Bracken Cave in Texas, USA, and works diligently to assist the bats living there and around the world. 

Help us help them. You can be the difference, you can save lives, you can protect these crucial members of our family.

In our catalog you will find special items which benefit our environment. Order seeds, live plants, bat houses, and donate to BCI. We and our planet thank you!