Plants with Tech!


Sensors connect our pet plants to the Internet of Things so we can easily and remotely monitor and adjust their health and environment. But now it may be possible for our leafy friends to help themselves more often. Sun Tianqi of robotics company Vincross modified their six-legged HEXA bot to wear a small Echeveria 'Hakuhou' succulent. 

The principle is simple, reflected in the installation title: "Sharing Human Technology with Plants". The difference in implementation though is enormous. Diverging from the current thoughts of applying technology to plants to help us, this technology is designed for them to help them help themselves.

The mobile little robot senses what the plant needs and acts accordingly. On preferring more or less light, the robot carries the plant to seek sunny or shady locations, and even performs a little dance to ask for water.

 Hexa Dance

The desire of the project is to challenge Nature's "default settings" with technology. Hopefully it will also challenge the way we view plants, and enrich our relationship with them. Mobility gives plants a whole new world of opportunities, but it also gives us a whole new impression of them. Perhaps it will even help us understand them better.

Want to see some pictures? Of course you do! Here is a post from the inventor himself!

Would you give legs to your pet houseplant?




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